The company SUL in the Area of Environmental Protection was established in the 1990s and has been dealing with environmental protection issues. Since 2005 it has been operating as SUL sp. z o.o. The company carries out project work and extensive pro-ecological investment projects. It has experience in technical and biological recultivation, building and reclamation of communal and industrial waste disposal areas, sewage treatment plants and in waste recovery, processing and management. The company has prepared ?Environmental Protection Programs?, ?Waste Management Programs? and ?Environmental Impact Assessment? commissioned by local governments. It organizes symposia and conferences, including a cyclic conference on ?Legal, Technological and Economic Aspects of Waste Management?. The company has been co-operating in its activities with outstanding experts representing universities, research institutes and specialized companies.



Our company was listed among the best managed companies in Poland in the "500 Managers 2013" ranking published by Puls Biznesu and a global business information provider D&B.